The entire management, students and parents of Medmina College, Ibadan had on Saturday, 24th November, 2018 marked a cultural day with chains of spectacular cultural expositions.

The cultural day celebration was made remarkable with the students beaming in their colorful native attires that depicted Igbo, Hausa (and Fulani) and Yoruba tribes. The students, with immense guidance from College staff, were able to put up amazing performances through their Hausa Dance, Yoruba Dance, dramas, folktales, Ewi/Oriki, etc. to thrill their guests. The Yoruba and Hausa dramas presented ecstatic moments and hilarious renditions with lessons to be learnt pertaining to our cultures.

In an address by the PTA Chairman, Alhaji Nurayn Zakariyah, one of the importance of such a day in the school is to remind everyone the importance and roles of our society’s rich cultural heritage and values which people have relegated to the background.

He stated that it is also necessary to promote good cultural values in our society, which by extension would help in practicing and spreading the beautiful religion of Islam.

Similarly, Mr. Bello Afeez, who gave a lecture on the theme of the cultural day (Culture as a tool for tackling societal vices), in his welcome address, said that the school had organized a cultural day so that both the children and parents could reflect on their culture against the pressure of modernism. Therefore, cultural day celebration is not a ‘show’ but a day for all children and parents to reflect on the cultures of our country, Nigeria, against the pressure of modern ways which have accommodated a lot wrongs that contribute to social vices today.

The highlight of the day was the feast that followed the presentations. Varieties of food ranging from Amala (with abula) to tuwon-shinkafa (with vegetable), fura da nono, zobo, etc. were served and enjoyed by both parents and students.
It was certainly interesting to see parents from one tribe, enjoying the delicacies from another tribe.
A special event indeed…. Alhamdulillah!

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