In the name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful

A very eventful and delightful term just passed by in a twinkle of an eye. As with the culture in Medmina College, the eve of vacation is always set aside for the whole school to have a feast, whilst recognizing students that have shown exemplary behaviour and dedication both individually, and as a team. Awards were also given to students who came out top in the termly Arabic Essay writing competition and in Qur’anic recitation.

The full list of awardees is listed below:



Zakariyyah Fareed – 1st position

Adigun AbdusSamad – 2nd position

Qamaruddeen Habibah – 3rd Position


Ibrahim Aliyu– 1st position

Zakariyyah Aisha – 2nd position

Amoo AbdusSamad– 3rd Position


Lawal Farhah– 1st position

Ayanloye Shakirah – 2nd position

Muhammad Maryam– 3rd Position


Akano AbdulQayyum– 1st position

Ibrahim Ayman – 2nd position

Yattara Sidi – 3rd Position


Ibrahim Ayman – 1st position in essay category titled ‘Biography of the Prophet (SAW)’

Oyeyemi Muhammad – 1st position in essay category titled ‘The Mosque’

Muhammad Mubarak – 1st position in essay category titled ‘My School’


Neatest Male Student of the Term – Akano AbdulQayyum

Neatest Female Student of the Term – Ayanloye Shakirah

Best Male Role Model (Jnr) – Amoo AbdusSamad

Best Female Role Model (Jnr) – Akanni Faridah

Best Male Role Model (Snr) – Akano AbdulQayyum

Best Female Role Model (Snr) – Adigun Mariam

The award for the ‘Neatest Class of the Term’ went to the most junior class in the college (JSS1) for consistently keeping their classroom tidy and organised.

The major award of the day was the “House of the Term” award where Uthman Fatimah (Green) House came first with 142 points, Abubakr Amina (Blue) House followed with 90 points, Alli Aisha (Yellow) House had 75 points, and Umar Khadijah (Red) House finished with 58 points.

The event, which was a wonderful way to end the very demanding term, made it quite clear that the College recognizes every little act of diligence, discipline, and dedication. May Allah continue to guide us aright, ameen.

The 2nd term will In shaa Allah kick –off on the 6th of January 2018.

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