2017/2018 (1st Term) PTA/Open Day/Visiting Day

On the 25th of November 2017, the College played host to all parents for the first PTA meeting for the 2017/2018 session. The day was an eventful one, as the PTA was followed by an open day session, and sealed with parents’ visitation of students.
During the PTA meeting, College Staff, School Management, as well as parents discussed comprehensively on issues concerning school and student development. A lot of emphasis was placed on ensuring that students are set on a path of self-development (moral and academic) that would help them grow to become exemplary Muslims. All stakeholders, who are also ‘managers’ in the lives of Medmina students, also gave their assurance to make necessary contributions as team players.
The PTA meeting was shortly followed by an open day session where parents had the opportunity to assess their ward(s) progress thus far, and learn areas they can follow up to assist their children become the total child the college is preparing them to be in life. Many parents expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the management for the transparency of the open day, and others suggested areas of possible improvement the school can adopt to ensure it attains and maintains front roll ranking.
The last event of the day was the visiting session where parents spent time with their wards, offering words of encouragement and rejuvenating the spirit of their wards. Students returned to business as usual by evening, when parents/guardians had departed.

Medmina College is set to provide the best secondary education possible for the Muslim child without compromising the child’s spiritual needs.