The early hours of Thursday 4th Ramadan 1440AH ushered in a new era of student leadership in Medmina College.

The Head, HR & Admin., Mr. Muhammad Abdallah, first delivered a brief lecture on leadership, where he emphasised on how important it is for leaders to be ‘responsible for their flock’ (as thought by the religion of islam). He also prompted the students to learn to be good ‘followers’ and to also remember that in actuality, “You do not need a title to be a leader”. He finally appreciated the outgoing prefects team, led by Ibrahim Ayman and Ayanloye Shakirah, for their steadfastness and resilience throughout their tenure. The entire school made du’a for Allah to continue to guide and order their steps.

The new Prefects were then officially handed over to, and decorated by their predecessors. The new team, led by Oyeyemi Muhammad and Ibrahim Aisha were thereafter prompted to pick up from where the outgoing prefects stopped, and make necessary improvements.
The ceremony was then brought to an end with prayers as we prepare for the next generation of student-leaders. May Allah grant them success, ameen.
Pls find below, the full list of 2019/2020 prefects:
1. Senior Prefect (Male): Oyeyemi Muhammad

2. Senior Prefect (Female): Ibrahim Aisha

3. General House Captain (Male): Muhammad Mubarak

4. General House Captain (Female): Lawal Azeezah

5. Sports Prefect (Male): Usman Yusuf

6. Sports Prefect (Female): Muili Aisha

7. Dining Prefect (Male): Zakariyah Habeeb

8. Dining Prefect (Female): Lawal Farihat

9. Special Duty Prefect (Male): Amoo AbdulSamad

10. Special Duty Prefect (Female): Salau Aminat

Medmina College is set to provide the best secondary education possible for the Muslim child without compromising the child’s spiritual needs.