As-Salaam alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

During the last term of the 2018/2019 session, in a bid to help students equip themselves with as much skills/knowledge (in and out of the classroom) as possible, the College commenced a program tagged the “Survival Training Series”.

The first training session of the “Survival Training Series” was centred on knowing the basics about cars, the technology behind them, and how to perform basic maintenance on them.

The second session, held in November 2019, was centred on domestic fire fighting/management where some Safety officers were invited from the Oyo State Fire Service to coach the students on the basics of fire safety and fire fighting.

The third session was experienced in the just-concluded weekend and was centred on basic survival skills through a camping session.

Camping Adventure

For obvious reasons with regards to the present state of the Nation, the camping experience was simulated and completely occurred within the school environs. A lot of improvisation was therefore applied to make the experience as realistic as possible.

The students departed their abodes for the simulated ‘jungle’ after Asr prayer on Friday, 2nd October 2020.
To get to the camping ground, they had to overcome a series of obstacles such as rivers crossing, swinging through valleyed swamps, and crawling through crevices and so on.
To survive the ‘jungle’, they also had to work closely with their teammates to fend for themselves and survive through the night.

To be succinct, the experience was both a fun and very educating experience for the students. It is our hope and prayer that Allah blesses the knowledge gained for them.

To have a better feel of the event, please click the buttons below for some snapshots from both days of the event.

Camping Adventure: Survival Skills Series Video Day 1

Camping Adventure: Survival Skills Series Videos Day 2

We hope you’ll enjoy the videos.

Thank you and Ma’Salaam

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