Campus Life


Hostels are built to give students a ‘home away from home’ experience. Each hostel is well equipped with suitable amenities (including toilets, bathrooms, laundry areas, common rooms), with attached suites for hostel staff. The rooms are divided into the four houses with house members filling each room.

Students in the boarding house comprise of those from different parts of the continent and the world at large. Living with roommates help students to learn how to live and tolerate one another. The friendship and experiences made in the boarding house are those that will last for life, with a lot of lessons to learn from them.

Though the students have support from their house-parents and others in the community, they make choices with regard to structures in place as well as take responsibility for their actions. This leads to increased maturity, greater self-sufficiency and superior preparation for life in the larger world.

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While all staff (academic and non-academic) act as parents to all students, we still recognize the importance of keeping our students in contact with their parents/guardians. We therefore have in place a system for parents to communicate with their wards on a regular basis. This is done through the official school telephone lines provided for each hostel.

Due to the very busy schedule of students however, communication between parents and students is on a fortnight basis, and within a specific time frame.




There are four houses at Medmina College:

  • Umar/Khadijah House (Red)
  • Abubakar/Ameenah House (Blue)
  • Ali/Aisha House (Yellow)
  • Usman/Fatimah House (Green)

All staff and students of Medmina College belong to a house that each operate as a nuclear family within the larger Medmina family.

House Points

The general aim of the ‘House points’ is to encourage team motivation and to ensure all students aspire to achieve as fully rounded young people, both inside and outside Medmina College.  Students will have a sense of ownership for their House and we aim to provide a wide range of events, including sporting and cultural, to promote teamwork and a community spirit.

Specific Aims of the House system

  • Provision of pastoral care for all students
  • Competition between the houses
  • Merit points for good behavior
  • Academic achievement is recognized
  • A sense of “family” is created

Students have the opportunity of winning house points or merits for their houses.  At the end of every week, the house points that have been collected by members are calculated and announced during assembly sessions.  House points can be collected for many reasons such as good classwork, good behavior, neatness, efforts, good sportsmanship etc.  Students who do not behave well or fail to complete assigned tasks lose house points.  Usually, other members of the house are not very happy with such students as they will undo the good work and effort that others have put in to gaining house points.

Current points of each house throughout the term are displayed on noticeboards through the College including the top achievers from each House. Each week the highest achieving students from each house become the ‘Star of the week’ and also appear on the notice boards. Their talents are celebrated and showcased for other students to aspire to.

Points are achieved throughout the academic year, but broken down into totals for the reward of “House of the Term”, at the end of each Term, before a final ‘House of the Year’.

House Get-togethers 

The best house for every term has a get-together hosted by the school management

House Meetings 

Regular house meetings are held during which staff and students discuss problems and come up with solutions.  Also, the house meetings offer a wonderful forum for socializing and getting to know each other better.


Prefects are expected to exhibit the personal qualities that are valued at Medmina College, including self-discipline, leadership skills, communication skills, public speaking, politeness, helpfulness, respect and care for others.  They are reliable and responsible members of the School’s community.

General Expectations of Prefects:

  • Prefects are to set an example at ALL times
  • They are ROLE MODELS to the rest of the students
  • Therefore they must uphold the HIGHEST standards at all times – Including dressing, adherence to school rules, attendance, punctuality, attitude, respect, manners, motivation to work etc.

School Prefects attend retreats where they are given information on their roles and responsibilities and a chance to develop their understanding about, and different styles of, leadership.  This also includes practical activities where they learn how to manage teams and understand their own strengths and weaknesses as leaders and their own individual style.

Find below, our team of prefects for the 2019/2020 session:

  • Head Boy: Oyeyemi Muhammad
  • Head Girl: Ibrahim Aisha
  • Hostel Prefect (Male): Muhammad Mubarak
  • Hostel Prefect (Female): Lawal Azeezah
  • Dining Prefect (Male): Zakariya Habib
  • Dining Prefect (Female): Lawal Farihat
  • Sports Prefect (Male): Usman Yusuf
  • Sports Prefect (Female): Muili Aisha
  • Special Duty Prefect (Male): Amoo AbdulSamad
  • Special Duty Prefect (Female): Salaou Aminatu  
Medmina College is set to provide the best secondary education possible for the Muslim child without compromising the child’s spiritual needs.