During the last session, winners from this year’s Annual Essay Competition wrote and submitted their entries for the “2018 Queen’s Royal Commonwealth Essay Competition”. The results where posted very recently on the commonwealth website. A total of 12, 000 young people from across the Commonwealth (American Inc. Carribean, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Pacific) entered the Competition.

To celebrate the efforts of the participants, every single entry received an internationally recognized certificate of participation. The students who represented MCI include: Oloso Shafeeq (Junior Category), Akanni Faridah (Junior Category), Amoo AbdulSamad (Junior Category), Oloso Farhat (Junior Category), Akano AbdulQayyum (Senior Category), Adigun Maryam (Senior Category), Liman Layla (Senior Category) and Oyeyemi Muhammad (Senior Category).

Across every region of the Commonwealth, selected entrants received Gold, Silver and Bronze awards from the judges, in recognition of their hard work and talent. In Africa (about 54 countries), a total of 117 writers received Gold awards, 236 writers received Silver awards, and 332 writers received Bronze awards. Out of the 332 Bronze awardees, Alhamdulillah two of our writers received Bronze awards from the judges. The two students include Oloso Shafeeq and Akanni Faridah. We are very proud of all our participants for their efforts, and pray to Allah to continue to lift our students high wherever they find themselves, ameen. All participants will InshaAllah be specially and duly awarded during the End of term Award Night.

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