Happy Teachers’ Day 2021

A true teacher is the one who helps us think for ourselves.
From the moment we step into our nursery classrooms, away from our parents, until the time we graduate, teachers guide us throughout, gently and firmly. When parents cannot be there, it is your children’s teacher who takes care of them, teaches them humanity and acts as a role model to look up to.

No number of thank you cards, flowers or gifts can ever be enough to express the gratitude for the innumerable contributions of teachers in our lives.

Our teachers, who have helped us become what we are today, play such a big role in our lives. Even during the pandemic, teachers are doing an exemplary job by taking the virtual route to help students access education- from using virtual reality, hosting interactive lessons or even checking in with their students. There’s a lot we should be thanking our teachers for, especially this year.

Our parents gave us life and it was you who taught us how to live it. You introduced honesty, integrity, and passion to our character. Happy teacher’s day 2021!

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