Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu,

At the early hour of Thursday, March 6, 2020, the Junior Secondary School one students embarked on humanitarian visits to selected locations in Ibadan, as part of their Educational Tour Program, specific to their class.

The aim of this particular tour is to connect the children spiritually to their environment in terms of contributing (no matter how small) to the well-being of members of the society. Allah says in The Noble Qur’an (Qur’an, 2:261);

“Those who spend their wealth in Allah’s cause are like grains of corn which produce seven ears, each bearing a hundred grains.”

In this regard, the students started their tour with the visit to the Federation of Muslim Women Association of Nigeria (FOMWAN) Charity Home were they had the opportunity to relate with both staff and children of the home. The staff of FOMWAN expressed their gratitude for the gifts and time spent with the students and made a lot of du’a too. It was a very emotional sight to behold as some of the children didn’t want their new-friends to depart.

The students then moved to ADEOYO maternity clinic where they also donated items specific to the hospital. The students were also appreciated with a lot of prayers.

We pray that Allah accepts all the activities as acts of ibadah from the students, and all members of the MCI family who have in one way or the other contributed to the success of the tour. We also pray to Allah to help the students understand the hikmah behind the tour even better than envisaged, Ameen.


Medmina College is set to provide the best secondary education possible for the Muslim child without compromising the child’s spiritual needs.