Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu,

Yesterday, the first day of July 2021, history was made as some sportsmen from MCI set out to participate in the College’s first inter-school sports competition.

Our hosts, The Selected Preparatory Career College (TSPC) welcomed us warmly, as we all converged in their school masjid to observe ‘Asr prayer before the match commenced.Novelty Football Match Between The Selected Preparatory Career College (TSPC) and Medmina College, Ibadan (MCI)

A short video with memories from the event.

Novelty Football Match >>>>> The Selected Preparatory Career College (TSPC) Versus Medmina College, Ibadan (MCI)

The male players of MCI, ably coached by a 4-man coaching team, and with a very energetic cheering team by their side, started the match with a lot of poise and concentration. They were, however, also matched by an opposing team, determined not to experience defeat in their own backyard.

Towards the end of the first half, Mubarak Al-Bako put the ball at the back of the net, to put MCI ahead, as the first half of the match ended 0 – 1, in favour of MCI.

In the second half of the match, all effort by TSPC to equalize proved abortive, as the solid backline of Farouq Umar and Muhammad Buba seemed impenetrable. More so, the last line of defence held by wonder boy Muhammad Mustapha was also ever alert.

The match finally ended 0 – 1, as MCI recorded her first victory. It was, certainly, a very exciting and fruitful outing, and especially since our major aim of embarking on the trip was not just to win, but to also LEARN.

We thank Allah (SWT) for the opportunity.

Thank you and Ma’asalaam

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