As clearly stated in our mission and vision, part of our strategic intent is to provide a balanced educational system that would cater for both the academic and spiritual growth of our wards. We therefore pay equal undivided concentration to both arms, which are run as individual departments.

As also clearly highlighted, we strive to develop ‘complete’ Muslims, that would be able to portray the beauty and light that is in Islam. The Islamic Studies department is therefore tasked with making efforts to build and deliver an all-round package that would teach the students about the deen. These include knowledge of Qur’an, Arabic, Fiqh, Sunnah, Hadith, Seerah, Tarbiyyah, and other related teachings.

As part of the admission process, students are tested for their level of Islamic knowledge. This would determine what level they would be placed for Islamiyyah classes, and would help to ascertain how best to aid the students’ development.

During weekdays, male and female students alternate sport and Islamiyyah days, but both sexes have Islamiyyah during the weekends.

Our Islamic department comprises of staff that are ready to go the extra mile in ensuring that our students continuously develop themselves.

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Medmina College is set to provide the best secondary education possible for the Muslim child without compromising the child’s spiritual needs.