As-salaam alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

Brother Firoz who is originally from Guyana and now living in Scarborough, Canada mentioned the following story:

Brother Firoz lived in the USA before moving to Canada. He can easily be identified as a Muslim as he wears a Muslim hat and has white beard. In USA, one day he was going to the market to buy some things when he was approached by a white American man who asked him whether he knew of any Halal Muslim restaurant. Brother Firoz knew of one but was unable to give him the proper direction. He figured that the American was a new Muslim in this area.

So, brother Firoz invited him to his house to have some food. There were also some other Muslim brothers living with Firoz at that time. When they reached home, everyone in the house welcomed the special guest. They were also curious to know about the reason why he accepted Islam.

The new brother told them that he was taking a world religions course in the University. His teacher happened to be Jewish. When they came to the topic about Islam, the Jewish teacher at one point started showing the class how Muslims pray.

“The moment I saw the teacher doing prostration (sajdah), I knew that I belonged to this religion,” said the new brother.

This is what led him to Islam, a simple demonstration of sajdah! 

Just one act of Islam was enough to make this individual a Muslim. Imagine, how many people will be convinced when all the Muslims start practicing Islam completely! Similarly, imagine how many people have been discouraged about the religion by the bad habits that we often portray as Muslims.

Our Lesson today is simple; “Don’t tell them you’re Muslim, SHOW them you’re Muslim- Let people see the beauty of the religion through our (sincere) deeds”

May Allah make us amongst His best servants, ameen.

Juma’at Mubarak!

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