It is a popular saying that “when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade”. This is certainly what most institutions have been living by, through this pandemic period…Medmina College inclusive.

In a bid to ensure that usual school activities remain uninterrupted as much as possible, the College held its annual Qur’an Competition virtually.
The MCI Qur’an Recitation Competition is an interschool competition where MCI students, together with students from invited Muslim Schools come together to celebrate the Holy Qur’an in the Holy Month of Ramadan. The Competition, which usually holds in the school premises, had to however relocate to a virtual station on the Zoom platform.

The competition was made up of four categories, comprising of four participants each. The event lasted from Monday 11th to Thursday 14th May 2020, with each category being concluded in a day, until the last. The categories were Juz’ ‘Amma, Juz’ Tabaarak, Juz’ Mujaadilah and Juz’ Ahqaf.

At the end of the events, the final standings were as follows:

Juz’ ‘Amma
1st Place: Sherifah Adigun
2nd Place: Shukroh AbdulGaniy
3rd Place: AbdurRahman Banjo
4th Place: Habeeb Tijani

Juz’ Tabaarak
1st Place: Fareed Zakariyah
2nd Place: Sofiyyah Ibrahim
3rd Place: AbuBakar Umar Farouq
4th Place: Aisha Zakariyah

Juz’ Mujaadilah
1st Place: Abdullah Ahmad
2nd Place: Aliyyu Ibrahim
3rd Place: AbduSommad Adigun
4th Place: AbdurRahman Abdulganiy

Juz’ Ahqaaf
1st Place: Mubarak Muhammad
2nd Place: Muhammad Oyeyemi
3rd Place: Fariat Lawal
4th Place: Aisha Ibrahim

The event which was graced by members of the Medmina family and a number of guests was certainly a memorable and interesting one. We pray to Allah to bless the knowledge of the students, and for Him to bless the efforts of their Parents on them too. We also pray to Allah to reward the well-wishers and guests who willingly joined the event to celebrate the uniqueness of the Qur’an (Ameen)

Below, are links to some of the recordings from the event.;

Click here to watch the day 3 video…

Click here for the grand finale video…

Happy viewing.


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