THE FOUNDER’S HONOURS LIST (FHL) specifically accommodates only students who distinguish themselves in school assessments (Western academics & Islamiyyah results). The list, which is renewed termly, also identifies and rewards FHL members who obtain a perfect result (All A’s) in their academics, with a 10% discount in school fees.

Here at MCI, our goal is for students to grow as complete learners who would always strive to attain (and maintain) excellence.

The 3rd term’s FHL members were specially decorated and awarded today, Thursday 17th May, 2018. The awarded students include:

– Amoo AbdulSamad Oladipupo (JSS 2B)

Oyeyemi Muhammad Ademola (SSS 1B)

Akano AbdulQayyum Akinkunmi (SSS 2B)

Ibrahim Ayman Zhikrullah (SSS 2B)

Adigun Maryam Bisola (SSS 2G)

Out of the decorated FHL members, 3 students had a perfect result (All A’s) from the previous term’s grades. They include:

    1. – Amoo AbdulSamad Oladipupo (JSS 2B)
      – Oyeyemi Muhammad Ademola (SSS 1B)
      – Adigun Maryam Bisola (SSS 2G)
  • Each of them received a check of N35, 000 as reward.

    At the end of the short ceremony, the hunger to be part of the honours list was very glaring in the eyes of other students.

    May Allah make it easy for them all, aameen.

    Medmina College is set to provide the best secondary education possible for the Muslim child without compromising the child’s spiritual needs.