Medmina College Ibadan Resumes On Sunday ,30th August ,2015

Dear Esteemed Parents,

As salam alaykum,

This is to remind all parents that Medmina College, Ibadan will be resuming for the First Term of the 2015/2016 Academic Session on Sunday, 30th of August, 2015, insha Allah.

Please note that all returning and new students are expected to resume not later than 5pm on the aforementioned Sunday.

If any child is unable to resume on Sunday for any reason, the school should be notified in advance so that special arrangements can be made for the student.


Evidence of Payment

All returning and new students must come with evidence of payment of all required fees as this will be a condition for the admission of students to the hostel.



All required uniforms will be provided for returning and new students during the first week of the new session.

Returning students are advised to come with all their old uniforms so that they can wear them during the first week until new uniforms are issued.

On the other hand, new students are advised to come with two sets of cloths (shirts and trousers for boys; blouses and long skirts as well as hijabs for girls) in addition to items listed in their admission letters so that they can wear the sets during the first week until uniforms are issued.


Duvets and Bed Sheets

In line with the school’s traditions, all required beddings will be supplied to returning and new students. Returning students need not bring their old duvets and bed sheets as new ones will be issued to them this session.


Returning Students Must Resume in Their Ceremonial Uniforms

All parents should please note that returning students are required to resume for the new session wearing their ceremonial uniforms.

Returning students who turn up wearing anything other than the ceremonial uniform will not be allowed into the reception area until they have changed into the appropriate uniform.



All required textbooks and stationery will be supplied to returning and new students accordingly.

It is however important to remind returning students that some of the textbooks they used last session (e.g. dictionaries, physics, chemistry, etc) remain relevant to their new classes and they are required to bring such textbooks.


Students No Longer Need to Bring Table Water

Until the end of the Third Term of last session, students were allowed to bring table water to school. But as I explained in my last newsletter to parents, we have adequate supply of water round the clock. We are also in the process of building a water treatment system to ensure the water is safe for drinking.

In the interim, we are buying and providing safe and properly processed drinking water from dispensers which are available at strategic locations across the school. With safe drinking water available round the clock, there is no reason for the students to come to school with bottled water any longer. Therefore, no student will be allowed to enter the hostels with bottled water.


Please Help the Children Remember to Bring all Essentials

We all know that children are naturally forgetful. Please help the children by reminding them (returning students) to complete assignments and (all students, to) bring all required items.

You may help them create a checklist during this last week of their holiday so that it can be used to cross check what they are bringing to school next week.

School Resumes on 30th August

Once again, parents are hereby reminded that school resumes for the First Term of the 2015/2016 session on Sunday, the 30th of August, 2015 and all returning students are expected to arrive not later than 5pm.


On behalf of Management and Staff of the School, I wish all parents and their children, a safe and pleasant journey to Ibadan.


May Allah (SWT) bless our investments in the education of our children by making them first class world citizens and ‘the best of all nations raised up for (the benefit of) men…’ (Quran 3:110), amin.


Wa salamu alaykum


Bala Usman Muhammad


For Management



Medmina College is set to provide the best secondary education possible for the Muslim child without compromising the child’s spiritual needs.