Medmina Erudite Challenge is a competition modeled after the popular ‘’Zain Africa Challenge’’, and is a fast-paced quiz programme that covers a wide range of topic areas including: history, science and technology, African culture, geography, literature and religion.
The game show, which comes as an inter-house competition amidst our students, has the objectives of expanding mind-sets, reinforcing development, understanding historical events and providing several other growth opportunities including building teamwork and collaboration, enhancing social learning, amongst others.

After 7 mind-blowing matches from our elite student-participants, the maiden edition of the Medmina Erudite Challenge finally came to a dramatic end on Friday 26th April 2019.
The final match was between the Abubakar-Ameenah Boys and Abubakar-Ameenah Girls. After what was evidently the closest and toughest match so far, the scoreboard at the end of the match read 470 points to 430 points in favor of Abubakar-Ameenah Boys.
The champions, Oyeyemi Muhammad, Muhammad Mubarak and Mubarak Abdullahi, each smiled home with a HP 1.5GB RAM laptop, whilst the second place winners, Akanni Faridah, Oloso Farhat and Adigun Sherifat, were rewarded with a 10.1” COSMOS Tablet each.

Other awards presented at the grand finale included the award of “The Most Valuable Player (MVP)”, which was given to the participant who had the highest number of points put together, throughout the season. This season’s MVP is Muhammad Mubarak of Abubakar Ameenah Boys who acquired a total of 400 points for his team during the season. He was closely followed by Oloso Farhat with 310 points and Akanni Faridah with 290 points.

The Usman-Fatimah male team was also crowned as the team with the best form of sportsmanship for this season, haven displayed an admirable level of maturity even in the heartbreaking face of defeat. Members of the team include Zakariyah Habib, Abdullahi Ahmad, and Amoo AbdulSamad.

This weekend’s finale also presented a huge learning experience for the entire College on the importance of always applying our knowledge of the Qur’an and the Sunnah to ensure that there is ‘Justice’ in all our affairs. We pray Allah continues to guide our hearts.

In conclusion, on behalf of the entire College, we sincerely appreciate our dear parents and guardians for their total support towards the success of this competition.
Thank you once again, and see you next season!!
Here are some photos from the event…

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