The Principal’s Speech During the Parent Teacher Association(PTA) Meeting.

Speech delivered by the Principal during the 3rd PTA Meeting held on Sunday, May 29, 2016

Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

I want to commence my speech by registering our unreserved apology to the entire house for shifting the visiting day to Sunday as against the initial day (Saturday). Please, kindly accept my apology on behalf of the school. Having tendered my apology, I want to extend our warm welcome to our esteemed parents and staff of Medmina College, Ibadan to this PTA meeting. We are grateful to God Almighty for giving us this opportunity to assemble here in order to deliberate, discuss and rob minds as vital stakeholders in Medmina College. It is incumbent for us as vital stakeholders to examine and re-examine the fundamental aspects of our school and to solicit for inputs towards taking Medmina College to greater height. It is in light of this that I want to highlight some of the prospects, challenges and modalities.


I have been trained by experience to resist the temptation of narcissism when it comes to talking about our academic performance. It is in the best interest of the parents to inform the house that we are working assiduously to ensure that teaching and learning takes place optimally. The need to achieve high academic excellence calls for recruitment of competent, proactive and qualified teachers that can face the educational challenges of the 21st century learners, this we have done diligently. I am glad to report that significant milestones have been made in terms of academic performance.

Students are handled based on their peculiarities and level of comprehension. Our relatively small numbers of students per class is a serious advantage that we are maximizing optimally. As human being, we are not perfect and may still have room for improvement. At this juncture, I want to state clearly that we welcome constructive criticisms that would improve teaching and learning.

General Certificate of Education (GCE)             

The management of Medmina College has refused to be stereotyped and conservative in terms of attempting new things or challenges. In view of this, as a strategic policy of the school, all SS2 students, starting with the present SS2 will be sitting for GCE. This may look audacious and herculean in nature but we have decided to take the bull by its horn. In future, our final year students may not have not sit for NECO examination if our policy of writing GCE in SS2 succeeds, we urge all parents to put us in their prayers. The GCE may take the place of NECO examination.

Extension Classes for SS2 and SS1 Students.

The ambitious target we have set for ourselves in the interest of our students has necessitated the school to initiate the idea of having extension classes for both SS2 and SS1students. As Muslims, we should be truthful to ourselves. It is instructive to state that we need to re-double our efforts towards achieving high academic excellence if our students must perform remarkably well in the GCE that we have proposed for the SS2 students. All our SS2 and SS1 students are transfer students from other schools. With all honesty and modesty, some of the students came with accumulated inherent deficiencies that we have been trying to correct. It is a responsibility that we have accepted wholeheartedly and we don’t intend to give excuses for any failure. The GCE is slated for first week of September. Sequel to this, we need to take a holistic drastic approach/measure in order to get the students ready for the examination. We want to be proud to state that our students sat for GCE in SS2 and passed well.

The proposed extension class for SS2 students is scheduled to take place between July 17 and August 30 and the real GCE examination between Sept 1st and Sept 30th insha Allah. It is going to be about nine weeks of intensive programme for the school to prepare the students for the examination. The SS1 students will have their extension class between July 17 and August 30, which is six weeks. The SS2 students will not be going home for break/holiday because even while they are writing their GCE, lessons will still continue and the first term will commence September 18. It is going to be stressful but justifiable.

This proposed extension classes will be associated with sacrifices from all stakeholders. We have tried as much as possible to keep the extent of financial commitment as low as possible. Find below the cost implication of the proposed extension classes.

Proposed Cost Implication for Parents.

Items/Events Amount
Cost GCE form 11,950
Cost of Registration 1,500
Administrative Charges 6,550
Accommodation, transport, Feeding in and outside the school, health,  and other logistics, etc. 130,000
Total for SS2 150, 000
Total for SS1 100,000




Welfare of the Students.

Just like our own biological children, we have placed high premium on the welfare of our students. With all intents and purposes, our students are well-fed based on the nutritional needs of children within their age range, the quantity and quality of the food is satisfactory and we also offer the students  snacks and drinks at appropriate times. I want to succinctly state that based on all known national and international standard, we are justifiably doing our best. The health status of our students is of great relevance to us, we are always sensitive to the health of the students. Health complains are treated with utmost urgency but on fortunately, some student who are scared of receiving injection always fail to report health challenges. Even with this, we have directed our house master, matron and the nurse to be extra vigilant in observing the students. We have also commenced the process of standardizing our school clinic to meet ideal standard and that was why we came up with the medical fee of N10, 000.00. I want to appeal to parents to ensure that they pay the medical fees; the response has not been encouraging. The school is also in partnership with a good hospital in case of any eventuality.

I want to appeal to parents to always liaise with us in a calm and modest manner, and give us the benefit of doubt when issues come up. Parents should always seek to understand first, and then be understood. Barrage of criticisms always great us when eventualities or incidentals occur.

School Fees

Sending gentle reminders to parents about the need to pay school fees promptly has become a hallmark of my newsletter and this is always irresistible and compelling. Recall that Medmina College is still at its formative and rudimentary stage, this is the stage at which inadequate finance presents its excruciating encumbrances.  I have stated previously in our newsletters that we do not want our students to be aware of issues related to their school fees but that does not constrain me from sharing with you the challenges we are facing presently.

Presently, the school is financially handicapped to pay this month’s staff salaries because about 70% of our parents are yet to pay the school fees of their ward(s). It is paramount to state that we are in a dicey situation that needs drastic measures to ameliorate. Default in payment of school fees has become a norm and this is affecting us seriously. There is need for a positive attitudinal change in terms of prompt payment of school fees and other charges. For example, some parents are yet to pay for the last extension classes organized by the school for all JSS3 students. We are conscious and abreast with the economic hardship in the country and we sympathize with all parents. I want to appeal to all parents to ensure that they pay their ward’s school fees promptly.


It is in the best interest of the school, parents and students that we decided to stage a memorable graduation/walimat for our JSS3 students who are actually our pioneer students. This occasion will be used to reward high academic excellence, outstanding Islamic ethics and ethos, personal achievements and other categories of awards. This is going to be the maiden edition of the graduation/walimat and we want it to be colourful, memorable and remarkable. The date slated for the graduation/walimat is Saturday 2nd July, 2016. Celebrating our JSS3 students is part of the school policy which we intend to uphold seriously.

As part of our strategic policy and as captured in our main objective, we want to help our students to learn and live Islam. Our students before graduating should have acquired the unique heritage of Muslim children equipped to compete with the best brains in the world without losing their identities as Muslims.

The graduation/walimat would demand the contribution of our esteemed parents in a unique way. We are in touch with some parents that would be expected to bring their knowledge and experiences to bear during the graduation/walimat day. It is instructive to state in concrete terms that attendance is mandatory for all parents, please endeavor to attend

Unscheduled Visits/Phone calls.

The school frowns vehemently on the act of unscheduled visits by parents to the school in order to see their ward (s). As a matter of policy, parents can only visit their ward (s) during visiting days. Any other visit apart from the visiting day is highly prohibited and parents should desist from it. In the same manner, parents can only make phone calls in order to speak with their ward (s) fortnightly on Saturdays and Sundays. The school will not entertain phone calls made during school days. I urge parents to humbly adhere to the highlighted conditions.

Successful Umrah/Excursion

I want to inform parents and staff that the students and staff that went for Umrah/excursion are successfully back. The spiritual journey was inspiring and enriching in many fronts, we pray Allah to accept their noble course in the best manner. Parents and staff were involved in fervent prayers for a successful journey and Allah has answered our prayers. On this note, I want to appreciate and acknowledge all parents and staff for their contributions.

I also want to reiterate for avoidance of doubt that Umrah/excursion is part of our mainstream policy and we want to nourish and sustain it continuously.  It is not a jamboree but a noble course that we cherish and value, I want to inform all parents especially of JSS2 students that next year is around the corner, it will be their turn. Adequate preparation in terms of finance and other related logistics should start sooner than later.

Vacation Date

The school will be closing for the third term holiday on Saturday 2nd July, 2015 and to resume on Sunday 18th September, 2016 Inshallah.



I want to appreciate all parents for their unrelenting efforts towards taking this school to greater heights by challenging the school management on many fronts. I will like to end this address by recognizing the enormous contribution of both academic and non-academic staff for their unflinching support, may Allah reward all of you abundantly.

Wassalamu alaykum warahmatullahi ta’ala wa barakatuhu




Medmina College is set to provide the best secondary education possible for the Muslim child without compromising the child’s spiritual needs.