Third Quranic Competition At Medmina College Ibadan

Third Qur’an Competition

One of the memorable events in the second term was the Qur’an competition organized by the Arabic department. We use this opportunity to once again thank Parents for finding time out of their busy schedule to grace the occasion. Your presence definitely added value to the event and made the day more colorful.

The competition consisted of 5 categories with ascending level of memorization of the Qur’an. The winners from each category were given N10, 000 worth of shopping vouchers each, by the school. Before the end of the program, two parents donated N50, 000 each, for the winners from each category. One of the parents went further to donate another N50, 000 for the rest of the participants, and N50, 000 for the Arabic department of the College. We sincerely thank the Parents for their kind support and pray that Allah replenishes them with abundant rahma.

The students were taking out for shopping with one of their N10, 000 vouchers where they were carefully monitored whilst shopping, as the aim of the school was to aid the children cultivate the habit and custom of ‘spending wisely’. The remaining N20, 000 for each of the winners were carefully enveloped and sent home with the students. We urge parents to please also continue to assist the students to develop them in learning to spend logically. We yet again thank all the parents for their unending care and support and look forward to hosting more parents during forthcoming events in shaa Allah.

Parents-Management Relationship.

The decision to enroll your ward(s) in Medmina College was based on trust and as Muslims; the school is not oblivious of this situation. We have always seen your ward(s) as trust from Allah through you; this is why we take seriously issues that are related to health and welfare of our students. We have always managed and treated your ward(s) the way we will treat our own biological children. The health of students is always a thorny and sensitive issue especially with some parents.

It is our tradition to always take precautionary and proactive measures to forestall health challenges but you and I are aware that irrespective of these measures, health challenges will always occur.  Even in the comfort of our homes and in our presence, our children do have health challenges but when health challenges occur in school, parents are quick to criticize the school. This ugly trend is unhealthy and frustrating to the school. I urge parents to develop positive approach by liaising with the school when health challenges occur. Our children and yours can have health challenges anywhere; it is Allah’s making and not ours.

Our guiding principle has always been trust and mutual understanding; some parents doubted our promise on uniforms, casting aspersions on the school but the school was vindicated when the uniforms were eventually delivered to the school. Parents should always empathize with the school and forge a common robust synergy towards providing qualitative education for our ward(s).

In a few words, we want parents to always remember that their ward(s), our students, are our amanah, and continue to be our number one priority. May Allah continue to make it easy for all of us, ameen.

School Clinic

The school clinic has been in operation since the commencement of the school, it is imperative to state that management has concluded measures to upgrade and standardize the school clinic to avoid unnecessary frequent visits to the hospital. We are forced to take this decision based on our experiences with the hospital used by the school. We have observed with great dismay the persistent exorbitant cost of treatment whenever we take our students to the hospital. For example, we were charged 24,000 for treatment of Malaria for one day (This is not to say, however, that any medical situation will be treated casually, or that situations where hospital attention is required will be belittled). The charges are mostly on the high side and attempting to charge parents same amount is difficult for us.

In light of this, the school has concluded plan to upgrade and standardize the school clinic by liaising with a Medical Doctor who will be in charge of the school clinic, employing a Laboratory Technician, increasing the number of nurses and fully equipping the school clinic so that even laboratory tests can be conducted. These measures will reduce drastically the number of times that we may visit the hospital. It is on this premise that the school is now introducing a termly NGN 10,000 school clinic development charge per student. This fund will be religiously dedicated to the school clinic standardization. We definitely do not pray that our students would fall ill often, but it is absolutely necessary that all measures be put solidly in place. I want to appeal to all parents to please extend their usual cooperation the school.

Entrance Examination

It is essential to inform parents that preparation for the next academic year (2016/2017) has commenced. The first entrance examination of the school took place on Saturday 26, March, 2016. Supplementary entrance examination will be conducted at appropriate time. I want to use this medium to urge parents, as vital stakeholders to assist in creating awareness and publicity for the school within their circle of influence. The school has engaged aggressive and massive awareness drive in terms of publicity.

School Fee

It is not in our character to bore parents with the issue of school fees but at the same time, as a gentle reminder, I am appealing to parents who are yet to pay the school fees of their ward (s) or other charges like transportation to expedite action in doing so. I want to crave the indulgence of parents to please pay the third term fees on time to enable the school plan ahead of time. We have been highly considerate and understanding with the issue of school fees; we also want parents to reciprocate our kind gesture by empathizing with us. I want to urge all parents to take seriously the issue of prompt payment of school fees.

Resumption date for Third Term

The school will In shaa Allah resume for the third term on Sunday, May 1, 2016. Parents should please ensure that their ward(s) resume on this date as full school activities will commence immediately In shaa Allah. The school gates would be closed by 5:00pm.

As you travel from far and near to pick and return the children, I wish all parents safe and pleasant trips. May Allah bless our efforts by making the children “the comfort of our eyes” (Qur’an 25:74), ameen.


Wa salamualaykum.

Bala Usman Muhammad


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